Sound Healing: “Weightless” by Macaroni Union

I believe in sound healing as a supplement or maintenance tool for other body-based healing, so I was excited when today I came across an article by Melanie Curtain on the website Inc. that summarizes a new study to discover what the most stress-reducing music is. Titled, “Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by up to 65 Percent”, the article offers hotlinks to the song “Weightless” by Macaroni Union, as well as a ten song playlist that you can even tap into on Spotify.

You can even listen to a ten hour version of the song on Youtube:

The sensory input and energy you surround yourself with–from the people to the sights and the sounds–matter. Our energetic bodies consume energy and sensory information like our physical bodies consume food. If you eat low-quality junk food or food you are allergic to, your body is adversely affected. Likewise, if you surround yourself with energy or a sensory environment that is bad for you, your body will take that in and be affected by it physically and emotionally.

What if you listened to “Weightless” as you made dinner or paid your bills or while your kids got ready for bed? How might the quality of your day improve?

Just as you might strive to eat more conscientiously, the more conscious you can become of the sensory information you’re taking into your body, the better choices you can make about what you allow in your environment. Your nervous system will thank you for it.